Being a mama means there are hundreds of demands on your time. Taking care of yourself
can often slide so far down the list that you lose track of yourself altogether.

And when you’re parenting far from the people and
places you come from, it often looks like this:

You’re here with
your kids and partner…

… and your
support systems
are here and here.

You’re the hub in the wheel, but you constantly feel like you’re running on fumes.

Pause, mama.

Take a breath. Slow down. YOUR needs are as important as everyone else’s.

In fact, when you take care of yourself FIRST, everyone wins.

I’m Anne Ferguson, and I created PauseYoga just for you – a space and
time for mums to recentre, connect and reflect inside and out.

Because on some level we all know:

Anything you can do to feed your body and your soul will radiate out to your loved ones.

Easier said than done? I KNOW!

Our international family lives continents away and we’ve moved around a lot. At one point I lived in four countries in four years. I became a mother and solo-parented our two children 80% of the time
while my husband travelled for work.

You know what?

It was exhausting.

And it wasn’t good for anyone, least of all me.

Like so many mums, I ignored my body’s urging to stop. I kept pushing through to the
next meeting and school pickup and grocery shop…

Then one day my body, in all its wisdom, found a more dramatic way to slow me down.

And boy, was it effective.

Spending 24 hours in the emergency room with my body’s immune system in maximum overdrive,
certain that I was on the brink of death, was the scariest thing I’ve ever experienced (click here to find out more about how PauseYoga came to be after this massive break-down).

I spent the next two years begrudgingly practising stillness and slooooowwwwly integrating self-care. In that time, I realised that many mothers are isolated from dear friends and family. So many mums talk about the stress and overwhelm that permeate their lives.

So I dreamt up PauseYoga.

Think of PauseYoga classes as your sanctuary, a time to pause and connect with other mums who know EXACTLY where you are and what your life really looks like.

Not in Geneva? I’ve got you covered. Click here to join the global PauseYoga community. You’ll get an invitation to our private Facebook group where you’ll meet other mamas, and I’ll send you regular micro-practices that you can sprinkle throughout your day to help fill up your cup!

You decide how and where you want to practice. Click here to see the different options.

Who knows, you might just meet a new, dear friend in the process. Because after every practice we’ll
spend some time chatting, exchanging ideas, learning and laughing together.

However and wherever you decide to practice, you’ll nurture yourself. And that’s simply good for you AND everyone around you. Whatever you choose, you’ll fill up YOUR cup, which will make everybody happier.

It goes a little something like this
Healthier, happier
Healthier, happier
Everybody wins!

I’d love you to join our community. To learn more about the different ways to join us, click here.

Curious about why PauseYoga?
Click here to learn about the philosophy driving every offering you’ll find on these pages.

Click here to find out about Anne’s qualifications — in yoga and in life.

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