Yoga teaches us deep and valuable lessons, the most precious of which nourish each moment of our days. When we’re blessed with skilled and passionate teachers, our learning multiplies in step with our enthusiasm.

I have such deep gratitude for my teachers, and their teachers before them:

Ioana Pop at
My first teacher and mentor

Joan Hyman at
Holder of the magic keys that first unlocked the broader
universe of yoga for my awe-struck mind

Tiffany Cruickshank at
Chief ignitress of my passion for anatomy and movement

Elena Brower at
Wise soul, creative genius, talented artist, soft yet gritty teacher
and a true human BEING.

In non-yogic realms, I am so grateful for the ongoing teachings and inspiration from the following great people:

Leslie Potter is our family’s angel and my sweet parenting conscience. She is a wise, wise soul with a boundless heart. Our family would not be where it is today without her gentle guidance and reassuring encouragement. Leslie is a parenting coach who faces into the uncomfortable, tough bits with her clients. I am forever grateful for her non-judgemental, loving manner of teaching – in fact, Leslie’s coaching is as essential to me as food and shelter.
If you’re looking for someone to support you to be more present,
loving and intentional with your family, she’d be my first choice.

Danielle Laporte is a teacher, an author, a creator and a dreamer who MAKES STUFF HAPPEN. She’s hard-core real in a gorgeous, accessible and appealing package. I stumbled upon The Desire Map book a few years ago and it changed my life. Really. Looking at life and how I show up in the world from a place of knowing how I want to FEEL and BE made my choices a lot clearer and often easier. I love the material so much that I became a Licensed Desire Map Facilitator and an affiliate. I can talk about this until the cows come home and are all tucked up in their beds. This is good stuff, and I’m so excited to spread the word about the power of living intentionally from a place of deep desire. For yourself and for the world. If none of this makes sense to you, ask me, and please visit the site and take a delicious dive into the wonder of a whole new perspective.

Wendy Reese is a fellow yogini, yoga teacher, and wise, truth-speaking soul. She is intuitive and channels information from places most of us can’t reach or don’t know exist. She’s helped me stretch the boundaries of what feels possible and has offered valuable counsel over the past year. If you’re curious about things you can sense but not explain, let Wendy be your guide. She is exceptional and I love working with her.

Kate Northrup is a wise financial guide, new mama and self-made entrepreneur. Her financial wisdom is second-to-non and delivered with humour and realness at

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