What’s PauseYoga all about?

PauseYoga creates spaces for mums who are away from home, extended family and old friends,
so they can take a break and fill up their own cups..

Because mamas like us often get caught up in the school / work / sports / music / travel vortex. Before you know it you’re whirring around and forgetting about your most basic needs (when WAS the last time you went to the toilet or had a glass of water??).

The reality is that life doesn’t stop when we get near the limits of our exhaustion.

But we can pause. Breathe. Take a moment. At least once a day, ideally more.

And that’s why PauseYoga was born: to create and hold a space… a PAUSE
so that busy mamas can recentre, connect and reflect:


Because when you’re spinning a million miles an hour, you give and give and give to those you love. And there’s not much left for you at the end of the day.

Pause here to come back to YOU. Because you’re the best resource and friend you’ll ever have.


You know that little voice inside? That feeling you have sometimes? It’s YOU. Your wisdom. Your inner knowing.

Remember how to hear it and revel in its beauty and knowing. It’s all you.

Once you’ve connected inside, look up and see who’s beside you. Because human beings are built for connection. And every day we are surrounded by beautiful souls. We just forget (or neglect) to see them.

So look up. Enjoy them. Feel the possibilities.


When you’ve fuelled up your tank, nourished your soul and built new connections, watch what happens:

  • How you show up differently
  • How much more there is for others
  • Like ripples on water
  • The greatest act of love you can offer others is to love and truly take care of yourself.

Everything else flows from that

To find out more about our class schedule and session dates, click here.

Click here to find out about Anne’s life and yoga qualifications.

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